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48W UN2-040602

48W   UN2-040602




Feature: with the input voltage ranged from 11-32V.The product can available both in car and truck

With 6 tips:

No.20: 4.8*1.7 Suit for ASUS 9.5V 2.5A SONY 10.5V 2A

No.18: 4.8*1.7 Suit for ASUS 12V 3A SONY 10.5V 2A

No.18: 4.0*1.7 Suit for HP 19V 1.58A

No.07: 5.5*1.4 Suit for ACER 19V 1.58A DELL 19V 1.58A

No.19: 5.5*2.5 Suit for LEVONO 20V 2A MSI 20V 2A

No.13: 5.5*3.0 Suit for SAMSUNG 19V 2A